OtraForma is a design studio that celebrates the creative process, in all its inspiration, elation and suffering, to produce playful and unique objects that just make life better.

Grant is an Industrial and Architectural designer, born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Grant started his affinity with design in his early twenties with furniture manufacturing, honing his skills at the coalface. He later retrained in Architectural Design then dabbled in bar and restaurant design. In 2008 he crossed the ditch and spent seven years in Western Australia working on residential projects. With studies in Industrial Design under his belt; all that sunshine, surf and inflated economy became too much for him and his family, so he returned to his native Christchurch with renewed vision, loads of experience and a heightened aversion to temperatures below 19ºC.

Grant currently collaborates with several local Interior and Architectural Designers, and continues nurturing his love for architecture and interior design through these partnerships. However, OtraForma is a return to his first love, furniture and object design.

Grant’s Colombian wife and hyperactive Huntaway dog often complement his inspiration and design process, so watch out for the spice and the light-heartedness in the final product! We look forward to partnering with you in whatever design needs you may have, or just to have a good chat over a beer and some tasty South American nibbles.


grant@otraforma.co.nz www.otraforma.co.nz
021 497 596