Our Process


Every good project starts with research. In this stage we get to know you, your brand and the experience you want to provide for your customers. Using our design brief, we develop a clear understanding of your goals, your customer’s aspirations, and any constraints whether budgetary or physical of the site you want to fit out.


Based on your brief and our research we develop a concept narrative, a driving idea that will inform our design decisions. We’ll prepare a functional space plan, a general ‘look and feel’ mood board, and concept sketches, which we will discuss with you before we decide on a final design direction.


Once we arrive at a design concept that fulfils your goals, we develop it further with 3d modelling, a material and colour palette, and preliminary drawings ready to engage external consultants. When required, we can also source a budget estimate, to check we are able to deliver the design within the agreed budget.


At this stage, we prepare detailed drawings and specifications for council approval, construction and costing. At this critical stage, we focus on creating a clear communication flow, emphasising the design intent, as we are about to hand the design on for construction.


Site supervision allows us to make sure the design is built as documented. We are available as much or as little as required to ensure the end result is as designed.